When Skype terminated all third-party access to their API this past August (with just 3 days notice!), we needed to accelerate the move we already had underway to WebRTC – a new, modern protocol released by Google for web-based audio/video communications. While the work required for this transition to WebRTC kept us off the market for the past few months, it also let us lay the foundation for a true broadcast capable infrastructure with the features we want to have. Getting off of the consumer-focused infrastructure provided by Skype – while initially difficult – was a critical step we needed to take to support the scope of our product ambitions for the coming year.
While the core capabilities provided in this first WebRTC release of LiveToAir remain the same, we are providing two new ways for remote guests to connect with studios using our product. One is a new client application that introduces our first broadcast specific features for guests. Using the data channel provided by WebRTC, guests will be informed when they are ON-AIR or OFF-AIR through a colored border shown around the video – RED for On-Air and GREEN for Off-Air.
This is the first of many planned broadcast-specific features we will be adding to the client, something that wouldn’t be possible for us if we were using a traditional consumer web-conferencing client.
The other way guest can now connect to the studio is actually the most exciting – through any standard WebRTC-enable browser like Chorome, Firefox, and Opera. Connecting someone to a production is now as easy as sending them a web link – something LiveToAir does automatically when a guest is added to a show.
Combined, these three browsers make up over half of the installed browsers in the world today. This translates to around 500 million unique users that LiveToAir can work with right now – no plug-ins or installs required.
We already have some exciting new things planned for release next year, but would really love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you may have for taking LiveToAir to the next level.

What can we do to make LiveToAir a key piece of your production workflow?

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