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Call Us Today! 1.609.223.2434|

Call Us Today! 1.609.223.2434|

Call-In Manager



Re-define Audience Engagement

Give A Voice - And A Face - To Your Viewers 

Make your viewers part of the show in full HD video. Let them “call in” to ask questions. Give them a forum to make comments or share experiences. Let them participate in sponsored contests or events. Designed as an add-on component to any of our LiveToAir solutions, Call-In Manager brings true interactive audience engagement to the video production world.

We take everything that makes "Talk-Radio" so compelling, and re-imagine it for the video world.

Call-In Manager provides you with the tools you need to queue up callers and screen them before bringing them on-air. It lets you take notes about each caller – both before and after their time On-Air – and track their history of calls across all of your productions.

Audiences are calling for new ways to connect and share around the topics they care about. From crafts and hobbies to sports and politics, the programming opportunities are limitless.

With Call-In Manager, you now have a way to answer that call.

 Call-In Manager's Production Interface: Designed For True "Call-In Television"




Call-In Manager lets you tap into the passion people have to talk about their favorite teams,
political positions, dream cars, or the latest gadgets and technology they are using.

It’s amazing how much people are willing to share when given the chance. 

Passion like that makes for compelling programming.


Don't Let Your Tools Limit Your Creativity

Transform Your Show into Their Show

By adding Call-In Manager to your LiveToAir system, a whole new range of production opportunities become available to you. Move beyond the historically one-way nature of video to engage and interact with your audiences in ways that were never possible before.

By letting viewers connect directly to your shows, you can create a totally different audience dynamic. People move from simply watching YOUR show to participating in THEIR show. And that creates the kind of loyalty and social media activity that successful productions depend on - something that major sponsors are always looking to find.


Call-In Manager - Key Features and Benefits


Ξ Live Caller Screening:

Queue callers looking to join your show, and leverage our full video and audio screening capability to find the best candidates to bring ON-AIR. We also provide any call history associated with callers, letting you see at a glance what shows they have called and any ratings or notes associated with them.

Ξ Notes, Priorities, and Groups:

As you screen callers, we let you add notes that will be visible to the director in the studio. We let you set caller priority, allowing the strongest callers to appear at the top of the list the director will see. We also provide a way for you place callers into color coded groups to help organize them around issues or topics, allowing directors to create more balanced programming by giving all sides 'air-time'.

Ξ Unlimited Inbound Callers:

A single Call-In Manager system can handle an unlimited number of inbound callers. Multiple systems can be used on larger productions if callers need to be screened more quickly. There are no artificial limits with Call-In Manager.

Ξ Place Call-In Manager Systems Anywhere:

With our cloud-based back-end, Call-In Manager can be run from anywhere, freeing up valuable studio space.  Place it in another office, or even another city - all it needs is a connection to the internet.



Talk to us about the many creative ways Call-In Manager can be used in your productions. Give us a call at 609-223-2434 or fill in the form below and one of our Product Support Specialists will be in contact.

Isn't it time to blur the line between being "part of the audience" and "part of the show"?  


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