For Virtual Event Productions That Demand More

LiveToAir PRO

Up To 48 Remote Guests. Flexible Quizzes and Polls. Interactive Engagement Tools.

Go PRO With Your Virtual Events

Deliver The Engagement Of Live Meetings - Without All The Travel



When clients decide to stage virtual events, they are looking for more than a glorified video conference.They want everyone that's a part of it to have a 'lean forward'  experience. LiveToAir PRO offers you both the technology and the tools you need to keep remote participants engaged, sharing, and learning. Beyond bringing up to 48 remote guests in to your studio, LiveToAir PRO gives each of them the ability to 'raise their hand' or react to what's happening with 'Thumbs Up/Down" feedback. It also provides a Quiz/Poll framework that can help remotes groups explore topics, reach consensus, or stimulate discussions.
LiveToAir PRO brings the value of face to face conferences, classrooms, and events into the virtual meeting world, and lets you deliver an experience for everyone that offers your clients a unique and compelling value proposition.


Engage. Inform. Educate.

All Virtually.


Have Up To 48 Remote Guest In Your Studio

LiveToAir PRO does more than let you connect 48 remote participants to your studio. It lets you engage with them in a way that creates a personal connection with everyone participating in your event.

In addition, the optimized workflow developed for LiveToAir PRO lets you marry the simplicity and convenience of web conferencing with the rich, polished programming you normally create with other productions.  It puts you in control - letting you decide who can talk, what shows up on everyone's screen, and the best way to manage the flow of any virtual meeting.

Spontaneous engagement in a manageable package.



Blur The Line Between REMOTE and IN-STUDIO

The best way to make your remote guests feel like they are really part of a production is to have them in the studio - via a live Video Wall.

Having everyone that's participating in a production appear on a large video wall in the studio can transform the feel of a virtual event. Hosts can now engage with the remote participants more directly, and remote participants can now see each other in various studio camera shots.

LiveToAir PRO delivers the individual guest feeds needed to drive a video wall,  making the 'virtual' experience feel a lot more 'real world' for everyone involved in the production.




Engagement Happens On Multiple Levels

There are many factors that go into producing a successful virtual conference or event. It starts with a great host that can generate the conversations and interactions needed to connect with everyone.  But when working with people virtually, they also need tools that can let them engage directly.

LiveToAir PRO provides tools for both spontaneous and planned interactions. Ask everyone for a 'thumbs up' if they can hear you. Have a show of hands for people that agree with a point being made. Do a poll to start conversations between different perspectives. Offer quiz questions to see how well a topic was understood.

Generating engagement is key to holding successful virtual events.





If LiveToAir PRO looks like a good fit for the types of productions you are looking to do, then the best next step would be to give us a call. We can give you a better understanding of how the system operates, how the different components communicate and what would be involved in adding these capabilities to your studio infrastructure.

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John Mahoney
CEO - Gnural Net, Inc.