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About LiveToAir

  • What are the system requirements for running LiveToAir?

    To run our system, you should have a Windows 10 computer with an i7 processor, 8GB of memory, and an nVidia GTX 1050ti or better graphics card. (Our software requires nVidia-specific hardware to process video.)

    NOTE: Because it requires nVidia hardware to process video frames, LiveToAir cannot run on current Apple Mac's under Bootcamp.

  • Does LiveToAir run on Apple Mac's?

    LiveToAir is a PC only product, running on Windows 10 based systems. It also requires nVidia Graphics hardware to process video. Since current Mac systems use either Intel's on-chip graphics or AMD-based hardware, there isn't a way to run LiveToAir using Bootcamp either.

    We love Mac's too, so we definitely wish it was something we could easily do.

  • Can I buy LiveToAir as a pre-built system?

    Yes you can. In addition to selling LiveToAir as a software-only offering for 499[US], we also sell it pre-bundled as a full HW/SW offering for those looking for a complete, optimized solution. We offer an NDI-only unit (without SDI hardware) that costs $3199[US], and an NDI/SDI unit (includes 5 SDI Outputs and 1 SDI Input) that costs $3999[US]. 

    (All prices listed exclude sales tax and shipping* - we directly collect sales tax for orders shipped to destinations within New Jersey, USA)

    These systems are normally built using a 4U rack-mount chassis, but can be built in a tower form factor by request. 

    *Anyone ordering from outside of the United States will need to pay any local taxes, fees, and/or import duties directly.


  • When will LiveToAir PRO be released?

    Currently, we are planning the first shipment of LiveToAir PRO systems for July of 2020.

  • Can I buy LiveToAir PRO as a software download?

    Currently, LiveToAir PRO is only available as pre-built system components.

  • How much will LiveToAir PRO cost?

    LiveToAir PRO is built around multiple channel server systems controlled by a two-screen touch control enabled front end system*. It comes in multiple configurations ranging in price from $15,999 for an 8 Channel configuration up $56,000 for a 48 Channel configuration.

    Expanding the number of channels in a configuration can be done by adding additional channel servers, so you can start smaller and expand in the future.

    *Monitors not included

About LiveToAir CUSTOM

  • How many remote guests can a custom solution support?

    Our architectural approach is based on leveraging 'channel servers' to make remote connections, and controlling them across a network from a front-end control system. Since there are no real limits to the number of servers we can deploy to handle remote connections  there are - technically - no limits to the number of remote guest connections we can support.

    That said, you will need to consider the workflow implications of on-boarding and managing large numbers of guests, as well as the network demands - both locally and across your internet connection - associated with having many guests.

  • How much do custom solutions cost?

    There is no 'short answer' when talking about pricing for custom solutions. When working with clients, we prefer to have a complete understand of what is needed so we can provide a fixed price against a fixed specification.

    Our goal with LiveToAir CUSTOM is to provide a solution that cover's a client's requirements, but that introduces the fewest number of custom elements possible. (The more customization that's involved in a project, the more expensive implementation and support will become.)

  • How quickly can you deliver a custom solution?

    Any solutions we provide with LiveToAir CUSTOM are built around the existing core components that we use across our LiveToAir family of products. We always design custom solutions using a 'building block' approach, where we focus on combining existing capabilities in unique packages without touching core functionality.

    This allows us to deliver reliable solutions on shorter timelines, but as with most things surrounding development work - the devil is in the details. Our goal is to always understand your requirements completely, and provide timelines and pricing up front based on that.

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