For Productions That Simply Demand More


Custom Remote Guest Solutions Built On A Production Proven Framework



Solutions Limited Only By Your Imagination

While the capabilities of our LiveToAir and LiveToAir PRO solutions can support most types of productions that require bringing remote guests into the studio, we recognize that there are some projects that may simply need more than they directly provide:
More Remote Guests.
More Specific Integrations.
More Customized Controls or Workflows.
Whatever the 'MORE' is that your production demands, we'd love to help you achieve it. Gnural Net is ready to apply our production-ready remote guest components and architecture into customized solutions that pick up where our standard solutions leave off. Please reach out and let us know what you need, and we can set up a time to talk.
We 're excited to hear what you want to accomplish!

Just give us a call at 609-223-2434, or fill in the form below to help us better understand your requirements:

Interested In A Free Trial?

If you'd like to get a better sense of how you could leverage our remote guest technologies in a custom solution, you might benefit from taking a 30 Day FREE Trial of our LiveToAir solution. It leverages many of the same components we provide in our custom solutions, but in a 4-Channel package that can run on hardware that you might already have. 

I'll be happy to speak with you directly, go over what you'd like to accomplish and see if this approach makes sense for you.

Just call me at 609.223.2434 or email me at - I'd be happy to connect.

John Mahoney
CEO - Gnural Net, Inc.