For Virtual Event Productions That Demand More

LiveToAir PRO

Up To 48 Remote Guests. Flexible Quizzes and Polls. Interactive Engagement Tools.

Go PRO With Your Virtual Events

Deliver The Engagement Of Live Meetings - Without All The Travel

When clients decide to stage virtual events, they are looking for more than a glorified video conference.They want everyone that's a part of it to have a 'lean forward'  experience. LiveToAir PRO™ offers you both the technology and the tools you need to keep remote participants engaged, sharing, and learning. Beyond bringing up to 48 remote guests in to your studio, LiveToAir PRO gives each of them the ability to 'raise their hand' or react to what's happening with 'Agree/Disagree' feedback. It also provides a Quiz/Poll framework that can help remote groups explore topics, reach consensus, and stimulate discussions.
You also get to control what everyone sees. The video being returned to all of the remote guests is all that they see, and isn't just another guest feed in the production that everyone needs to 'pin open'. It's your production and you own the stage.
LiveToAir PRO brings the value of face to face conferences, classrooms, and events into the virtual meeting world, and lets you deliver an experience for everyone that offers your clients a unique and compelling value proposition.



There are many factors that go into producing a successful virtual conference or event. It starts with a great host that can generate the conversations and interactions needed to connect with everyone. But when working with people virtually, they also need tools that can let them engage directly. LiveToAir PRO provides tools for both spontaneous and planned interactions. Ask everyone to 'Raise their Hand' if they can hear you. Have people signal that they 'Agree' or 'Disagree' with a point being made. Do a poll to start conversations between different perspectives. Offer quiz questions to see how well a topic was understood.

Generating sustained engagement is key to holding successful virtual events.

LiveToAir PRO lets you enjoy the simplicity and convenience of web conferencing tools without being bound by their limitations:
  • Everyone can connect right from a browser with no downloads required - even from their mobile devices.
  • The powerful Call-In Manager capabilities that come with LiveToAir PRO make it easy to onboard even large numbers of guests, letting you connect with each guest, remotely select their video/audio device settings, and then send them over to the studio.
  • Once they are connected to the studio, you have access to everyone's individual video and audio feed. This gives you the controls you need to produce the rich, polished programming your clients are looking for. You get to decide who can talk, what video shows up on everyone's screen, and the best way to leverage the interaction and flow of any virtual meeting. 
  • Using any NDI-enabled switcher, you get to control the full experience your remote guests have. Compose the specific shots you want them to see without being just a 'pinned' video feed on a display filled with other distractions. With LiveToAir PRO, you can have everyone's' full attention. Send them a multi-box of specific panel members. Show a graphic or slide next to people discussing the point being made. Pop up interesting reaction shots to someone that is speaking. Leverage your production skill to deliver an effective, compelling experience for everyone!
LiveToAir PRO lets you deliver the kinds of engaging, high quality productions that are simply not possible when working with the common solutions people use for web conferencing. Sometimes you need to "Zoom Out" to see the bigger picture. With LiveToAir PRO you can start thinking outside the little boxes you've had to work with.

A Solution That Grows With You

LiveToAir PRO's flexible server architecture lets you easily grow the number of remote guests you can bring into your studio to meet the expanding needs of your customers. You can start with just 8 channels, then add additional servers to handle up to 48 remote participants:
LTA PRO Diagram Small-48CH

On-Boarding Guests Done The Right Way

LiveToAir PRO was designed from the ground up for working with large numbers of remote participants, and provides a sophisticated on-boarding interface that lets you get incoming guests configured, organized, and on-air quickly:
  • Producers on-boarding guests can work from anywhere using our browser-based Call-In Manager interface
  • Multiple producers can on-board remote guests simultaneous - removing a significant bottleneck typically found with remote productions
  • Guest media settings - cameras, mics, headsets, and resolution - can all be remotely selected right from your studio
  • Metadata for each guest can be added during the on-boarding process, allowing lower-3rd's to be populated dynamically
  • On-boarded guests can be sorted into different groups, keeping everyone organized when sent to the studio


Engagement Built In

Beyond offering an optimized workflow for bring remote guests On-Air, LiveToAir PRO also provides sophisticated capabilities for engaging with them throughout your production:
  • Guests have controls that let them 'Raise Hand' or 'Agree/Disagree', with results showing up on the LiveToAir PRO interface
  • Questions with multiple choice responses can be added to a production, and you can display any of them at any time
  • When a question is made active, it's details are written out to an XML file, and dynamically updated with all of the guest responses - easily accessible using standard live graphics solutions 


The Complete Package

LiveToAir PRO gives you the tools you need to create uniquely interactive and visually compelling virtual meetings. It delivers the benefits of person-to-person engagement without the time and expense involved in traditional meetings or conferences. If you want to bring professional level production value your virtual events, LiveToAir PRO can deliver what you're looking for.

LiveToAir PRO Details:

LiveToAir PRO Controller:

The Controller system provides the interface for operating the entire LiveToAir PRO solution. It allows you to add on-boarded guests to any of up to 48 channels, and then dynamically assign any of them to 6 'Open Mic' slots. These Open Mic slots each have their own dedicated NDI® feed, streamlining production access to those actively speaking. Guests assigned to these slots will receive an automated mix-minus audio feed, while everyone else will receive the standard 'Program' audio feed. All remote guests will receive a common video feed sent from the studio.
Limiting the number of simultaneous speaker slots to 6 while allowing them to be easily reassigned provides several benefits:
  • The distracting 'background noise' of everyone being live is greatly reduced
  • You can more easily manage the flow of the conversation while still offering a way for everyone to speak
  • Production switchers that have fewer inputs can still be used with large numbers of participants
The Controller interface also displays responses from all of the interactive features of LiveToAir PRO. When a guest does a 'Raise Hand' or signals 'Agree/Disagree', that response immediately shows up on one of the two displays attached to the system. If you are using touch capable displays (the Controller system is fully touch-enabled), just tap on the response to select the associated guest, and tap on one of the 'Open Mic' positions to add them to the conversation.
For Quizzes and Polls, all guest responses will be displayed in real-time, and the details of both the question and responses dynamically updated in an XML file. This file can be accessed by many graphics packages to display the results as lower-3rd's or other graphical overlays.
The LiveToAir PRO Controller can be ordered in a tower or 4U rackmount form factor. (While touch-enabled, the dual monitors needed for the system should be ordered separately.) The Controller system comes bundled with a separate LiveToAir PRO 8-Channel Server. 
Now shipping in the US, Canada, and Mexico for $15,999[US]*. 
*Excludes taxes, customs/government fees and duties, and international shipping charges. Prices in some international locations may differ. Regions outside the US, Canada, and Mexico should contact us for availability.

LiveToAir PRO 8-Channel Server:

Each 8-Channel Server in a LiveToAir PRO solution handles up to eight remote guest connections, delivers 'thumbnail' NDI® feeds to the LiveToAir PRO Controller, and provides full resolution NDI® feeds that can be accessed directly (for things like video walls or ISO recordings) or routed as one of the 6 'Open Mic" feeds through the Controller system.  Up to 48 total guests channels (six 8-Channel Servers) can be controlled in a single LiveToAir PRO solution.
The LiveToAir PRO 8-Channel Server is available in a 4U rack mount form factor.  As components of an NDI-based solution with up to 48 total full resolution video feeds, all systems in a LiveToAir PRO solution need to be connected via a 10Gb networking infrastructure. (10G ports are included on all systems we ship.)
The LiveToAir PRO 8-Channel Server  is now shipping in the US, Canada, and Mexico for $7,999[US]*. 
*Excludes taxes, customs/government fees and duties, and international shipping charges. Prices in some international locations may differ. Regions outside the US, Canada, and Mexico should contact us for availability.



If LiveToAir PRO looks like a good fit for the types of productions you are looking to do, then the best next step would be to give us a call. We can give you a better understanding of how the system operates, how the different components communicate and what would be involved in adding these capabilities to your studio infrastructure.

You can reach us at:


John Mahoney
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