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Remote Guest Solutions

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      Designed For Professional Video Productions

    Gnural Net Lets You EASILY Add
    Remote Participants
    To ANY Video Production

    From national broadcast networks to corporate event producers to solo web streamers, Gnural Net's LiveToAir and Call-In ONE solutions are delivering the quality and reliability that video professionals depend on to integrate remote guests into their productions.

    While covering a range of price points and features, all of Gnural Net's remote guest solutions are interoperable and feature the same optimized production workflow designed for use in the most demanding live environments. 


    Perpetual LicensesStarting At $799 [US]

    A comprehensive and cost effective video platform for integrating Remote Guests into your productions: 

      •  Supports 6 or 12 Remote Guests on a single system   
      •  Allows Unlimited Screened and Queued Guests
      •  Allows remote selection of guests' active media devices
      •  Supports NDI and SDI video with Dante and Analog Audio
      •  Offers unique On-Air and Off-Air return video feeds
      •  Offers Push-To-Talk for Individuals, Groups or All
      •  Runs locally or in AWS
      •  Introduces sophisticated Dynamic Mix-Minus 
      •  Allows Green Rooms for Off-Air interactions

    Requires Windows 10/11 PC with nVidia GPU

     Call-In ONE
     Annual Subscription - Only $99 [US]/YR

    The ideal Solution for Viewer Call-In Shows and for Hybrid Events looking to support video interactions with remote attendees:

      • Supports a Single Remote Guest On-Air
      • Allows Unlimited Screened and Queued Guests
      • Allows remote selection of guests' active media devices
      • Supports NDI video with Dante, embedded, and Analog Audio
      • Offers unique On-Air and Off-Air return video feeds

    Runs on both Windows and Apple Silicon Mac systems

     Call-In Manager
    Included FREE With All Solutions
    Call-In Manager is a free add-on to LiveToAir and Call-In ONE that allows you to queue up, organize, and screen an unlimited number of incoming remote guests:

      • Fully browser-based with no installs needed
      •  Can run from any location - even remote from the studio
      •  Allows multiple on-boarding producers
      •  Offers a two-way video connection while on-boarding
      •  Shows technical connection statistics for guests
      •  Allows remote selection of guests' active media devices 
      •  Add guest-specific metadata to populate lower-3rds

    Requires Windows 10/11 PC with nVidia GPU

     Guest Portal
    Included FREE With All Solutions

    Our guest-facing portal was designed specifically for professional productions, giving remote participants feedback during all stages of on-boarding and production:

      • Fully browser-based with no installs needed
      • UI provides support for iOS and Android mobile devices
      • Shows current state so guests know what is happening 
      • Includes distinct Off-Air and On-Air indicators with a clear transition between states

    Requires Windows 10/11 PC with  nVidia GPU

    What Make Our Solutions Different?

    Workflow-Centric design with an Advanced Technical Implementation. 

    Gnural Net has been at the forefront of integrating remote guests into video productions for more than a decade.  Over this time, we have worked with clients of all sizes to understand the real bottlenecks and pain points they face when working with remote talent. 

    We have brought this understanding into the design of the tools and interfaces that make up our Remote Guest solutions, and have optimized the product workflow to streamline this part of their productions.  Our new product releases bring even further refinements and flexibility to the process with enhanced configuration options for both video and audio, robust back-end signaling for state management and data sharing, and interfaces optimized for the demands of live productions.