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At Gnural Net, we are always looking for innovative ways to bring our capabilities to the market. From new products and added features to simplified interfaces and streamlined workflows, your feedback and suggestions directly inform the design and function of every solution we deliver.

We are proud of the team we have built here, and the focus everyone has on delivering innovative solutions that anticipate the evolving needs of the production market.

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The Core

Gnural Net Team

Making It Happen


John Mahoney

Chief Executive Officer

John has over 30 years’ experience as a serial entrepreneur, focused on developing strong sustainable businesses based on internet/cloud technologies. He has strong ties to the New York City startup community, and has been a founding member of multiple successful ventures.


Dmitry Brovikov

Chief Technology Officer

Dmitry is responsible for the development and deployment for all of the product technologies we offer. He has worked with John at several companies over the past 20 years, with technical expertise in a broad range of disciplines.


Matthew Mahoney

UI/UX Developer

Matthew is responsible for front-end development across all our core product. This covers full web stack development as well as interface components for our new Windows-based products.


Joseph Mahoney

Technical Engineering Specialist

Joseph provides technical and operational support of all our products and services, and manages front-line engineering for all of our installed products.