A Single Channel Audience Call-In Solution

Call-In ONE

Available for Windows and Apple-Silicon Mac's





Your Formula For Success:

Add One Output Channel to an Unlimited Guest Queue to Deliver Endless Possibilities



Are you a content creator looking to do viewer call-in shows? Are you a Hybrid Event Producer looking for a better way for your remote audiences to ask questions and engage?
Call-In ONE is the solution you've been looking for.
Combining all the capabilities of our ground-breaking Call-In Manager solution with the ability to switch any one of those queued guest live, Call-In ONE brings a complete remote guest workflow into a single cost effective solution. It is also our first solution to run both on Windows systems as well as any Apple-Silicon Macs.
As we said, the possibilities are endless.

The Features You Need. A Workflow That Scales.


From simple web shows produced by an On-Air host to complex Hybrid Events with many interacting components, Call-In ONE can easily support your production requirements and workflows:
You can have an Unlimited number of Screened and Queued Guests waiting and ready to go
You can select any one of those guests to send to the studio via NDI with either embedded audio, Dante, or Analog outputs
When used with Call-In Manager (included) guests can be on-boarded from anywhere and then picked up in the studio
Your entire audience can connect to your production using a single common URL — a true 'call-in' experience
Producers can remotely see and change a guests' active media devices
Metadata can easily be added to each guest - data that can be picked up by your switcher to show lower-3rd titles
You can configure different On-Air and Off-Air video and audio return feeds to the connected guest
Your remote guests connect via the same Guest Portal used by our LiveToAir solution a polished and professional experience
Runs both on Windows and Apple Silicon Mac systems
Available via subscription for $99[US]/year