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    • A Single Channel Audience Call-In Solution


      Available for Windows and Apple-Silicon Mac's

    Are you a content creator looking to do viewer call-in shows? Are you a Hybrid Event Producer looking for a better way for your remote audiences to ask questions and engage?
    Call-In ONE is the solution you've been looking for.
    Combining all the capabilities of our ground-breaking Call-In Manager solution with the ability to switch any one of those queued guest live, Call-In ONE brings a complete remote guest workflow into a single cost effective solution. It is also our first solution to run on both Windows systems as well as any Apple-Silicon Macs.
    As we said, the possibilities are endless.
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    The Features You Need. A Workflow That Scales.

    From simple web shows produced by an On-Air host to complex Hybrid Events with many interacting components, Call-In ONE can easily support your production requirements and workflows:
      •  You can have an Unlimited number of Screened and Queued Guests waiting and ready to go
      •  You can select any one of those guests to send to the studio via NDI with either embedded audio, Dante, or Analog outputs
      •  When used with Call-In Manager (included) guests can be on-boarded from anywhere and then picked up in the studio
      •  Your entire audience can connect to your production using a single common URL — a true 'call-in' experience
      •  Producers can remotely see and change a guests' active media devices
      •  Metadata can easily be added to each guest  data that can be picked up by your switcher to show lower-3rd titles
      •  You can configure different On-Air and Off-Air video and audio return feeds to the connected guest
      •  Your remote guests connect via the same Guest Portal used by our LiveToAir solution  a polished and professional experience
      •  Runs both on Windows and Apple Silicon Mac systems