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Gnural Net
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    An Interface That's Intuitive and Informative

    The LiveToAir Guest Portal has been designed around making it easy for Guests and Operators to configure Media devices, and also around giving Guests constant feedback during onboarding and the production to minimize confusion.  

    Both Guests and LiveToAir/Call-In Manager Operators can configure the Webcam, Resolution, Microphone, and Headset of the Guests from simple drop-down menus. Guests are also given center 1/3, center 1/2, and 4/3 framing guides so that they can position themselves for your multi-box compositions. Finally, Guests can toggle how much signal processing is used on their audio to optimize it for either Music or Voice.

    Media Configuration Wizard

    The first time your Guests join they are greeted with a Media Configuration Wizard that allows them to configure their audio, video, and adjust their framing with built-in guides.

    Real-Time Status Updates

    When not connected to either Call-In Manager or LiveToAir, Guests see where they are in the onboarding pipeline — so they always know what to expect

    Distinct "On-Air" Indicators

    Guest are provided with distinct flashing "On-Air" and "Off-Air" indicators when they change state, alongside a constant red or green Lightbar to ensure they know when they are Live.