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On-Boarding Remote Guests

Call-In Manager




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Remote Guest On-Boarding: Reimagined

A Tool to Manage Incoming Video Calls

Call-In Manager is a free add-on to LiveToAir that allows you to queue up, organize, and screen an unlimited number of incoming remote guests. 

Call-In Manager does this by walking guests through an efficient on-boarding pipeline consisting of joining the show, getting screened by the Call-In Manager Operators, and ultimately participating in your production. Additionally, Guests are given real-time updates on their position in this process, so they always know what to expect.


Done From a Browser — Anywhere

Call-In Manager is entirely browser based and optimized for Google Chrome, so no downloads are necessary. This also means Call-In Manager is platform independent and will run under Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Call-In Manager is also location agnostic and does not need to run on the same network as your LiveToAir Systems. This allows you to free up space in your studio by having Operators screen from home, or even around the world making it easier to do technical checks the night before.



No Limit to the Number of Guests or Operators

Call-In Manager imposes no limits on the quantity or duration of guests waiting to join your show — enabling you to run large-scale remote video productions. 

Similarly, when the number of incoming Guests in massive productions start to rapidly increase, it's very easy for a single Call-In Manager Operator to get overwhelmed. To solve this, Call-In Manager supports an unlimited number of Operators — allowing you to create dedicated On-Boarding teams consisting of multiple screeners and even technical support specialists for those guests that need a little extra handholding.


All the Screening and Troubleshooting Tools You Need

Call-In Manager provides a wealth of Connection and Guest device information alongside remote device configuration tools to streamline screening and troubleshooting.

When screening a Guest, the Operator is able to see the Guest's Operating System, Browser, Latency, Video and Audio Codecs, and whether they are using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Additionally, Call-In Manager allows the Operator to change the Guest's Webcam, Resolution, Microphone, and Speakers/Headset remotely without any Guest intervention to expedite the on-boarding process.


Prepare Lower-Thirds Dynamically

During an active show, Call-In Manager keeps a variety of metadata associated with all Guests who join, such as their Name or Email. This information is then passed downstream to LiveToAir so that when the Guest connects, you can automatically fetch this information and place it into your Lower-Thirds dynamically.

Additionally, the Call-In Manager Operators can edit this information manually if any changes need to be made. They can also associate notes with Guests so that all the Crew in the Onboarding pipeline can be made aware of any relevant information.

When you end  the show, this guest information is discarded, preserving their privacy.